The objective of the NSW Health Calendar is to provide a reliable, useful and up-to-date statewide information resource to assist NSW Health services and the community in health planning and promotion.

In deciding whether to include an event on the calendar, we consider whether it:

  • is relevant to the core business of NSW Health
  • sends proactive health messages and raises awareness of particular health issues in the wider community
  • contributes to improved health outcomes for particular target audiences
  • is widely recognised as being of international, national or statewide significance in relation to health and well-being
  • provides opportunities for the wider community to support improvements in the quality of life of people suffering from ill-health or other disabilities
  • appeals to a wide cross-section of the community.

We also consider:

  • the public health importance of the suggested event in relation to other health priorities
  • the reputation of the organisation seeking inclusion of its event on the Calendar and the potential to provide benefit to or conflict with the corporate objectives of NSW Health
  • the social acceptability of the event and its ability to elicit community service support

Events that will not be included on the calendar include:

  • those which conflict with the role of NSW Health and/or its core business
  • activities which do not offer opportunities for health promotion and subsequent health benefits
  • those where tobacco, performance-enhancing drugs or illegal or illicit drugs are used or promoted
  • those receiving support from or linked to tobacco or alcohol companies
  • commercial enterprises aimed primarily at private profit
  • those organised by individuals or unincorporated groups.
Current as at: Monday 13 December 2021