NSW Health's Capacity Assessment Project, or CAP, is a consultative project designed to help understand organisational capacity and maturity across all Local Health Districts, Networks and Ambulance Service NSW.

CAP is made up of two activities run concurrently: an Activity Based Funding Progress Report and a System Capacity Assessment.

  • The Activity Based Funding Progress Report is being undertaken by consultants KPMG to both review Health Services ABF related systems and processes, while also developing a “Data Quality Assurance Framework” to improve the accuracy and reliability of data.
  • The System Capacity Assessment will look at governance and organisation maturity across four core​ areas or “domains”: Quality and Safety; People and Culture; Governance and Leadership; and Finance.

The CAP is an eight-month project run in a series of phases including an online survey and Health Service visits to find and promote examples of best practice and identify where further capacity building or additional resources may be needed.

Current as at: Tuesday 2 December 2014