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ComPacks background

The NSW ComPacks program has grown significantly since its inception as a pilot project in 2003 with 10 referral hospital. In 2015 there are 145 referral hospitals and 10 service providers.

The NSW Ministry of Health undertook a review of the ComPacks program in 2008/09. Over 300 stakeholders from the NSW Department of Health, Local Health Districts, ComPacks Service Providers and consumers were consulted to identify opportunities to improve the program.

What is ComPacks?

ComPacks is a non-clinical case managed program of community care available for people being transferred home from a paticipating New South Wales Public Hospital. Each package is available for up to 6 weeks from the time of the transfer home.

The ComPacks Program has been developed for patients in NSW Public hospitals who require immediate access to case management and a combination of community services to safely return home from hospital. Examples of support services that can be organised by the ComPacks Case Manager to enable the person to return home may include assistance with personal care, domestic assistance, transport and social support.

The ComPacks Program is also available at four sites in NSW as part of the early intervention hospital avoidance program Healthy at Home. The aim of this program is to provide community support and clinical care to avoid a hospital admission.

ComPacks Program Model - Eligible patients are referred to a ComPacks Service Provider who assesses and identifies the services required. A case manager coordinates appropriate services for a maximum of 6 weeks, after which linkages to ongoing Community Support services are organised if required. ​

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