In 2012, Geraldine had a life-saving operation to remove a malignant tumour. This resulted in an acquired brain injury which affected her mobility, language, attention and memory. Before the operation, her mother Violetta, provided most of her support. Since receiving the NDIS, Geraldine receives support in the home and support outside the home so she can enjoy activities such as shopping, movies, and dance classes. This support for Geraldine has also changed Violetta's life.


Overlay: In 2012, Geraldine had a life-saving operation to remove a malignant tumour, resulting in an Acquired Brain Injury. This has affected her mobility, language, attention and memory.

Geraldine: Art is my escape. I like painting. I like drawing.

Renee: Geraldine's had a background in graphic design her ability to be creative in different mediums has been interesting to watch.

Overlay: Before the NDIS, her mother Violetta provided most of her support. Geraldine also attended an art group run by Renee, the Liverpool Brain Injury Rehab Unit Diversional Therapist.

Renee: Geraldine's had the support from NDIS for the last two years and I've seen a lot of change with Geraldine's opportunities that she's been able to be involved with.

Overlay: Geraldine got her first NDIS plan in February 2017.

Renee: Activities in the home such as her once a week cooking.

Geraldine: I made gingerbread biscuits and I decorated it.

Violetta: She got coffee, she go to the movies, she goes shopping. I say Geraldine, this is your time and you have to use your time for you to do whatever what you want to do.

Renee: We have explored community Zumba, the actual class itself. We would look at how she would engage in that environment, how she would interact with other people that she didn't know, so that was a really cool way for her to see herself just let go and not think about some of the worries that she might have had about actually trying something new.

The changes I've seen with Geraldine have predominantly been around her confidence in herself, how she communicates and how she's able to explore new opportunities.

Violetta: I have people they can be there for Geraldine. This is the way NDIS help me. I'm very happy my life change and Geraldine's life changed - with NDIS.


Overlay: With thanks to Geraldine, Violetta and the team at the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit, Liverpool Hospital, South Western Sydney Local Health District.

This video has been produced by NSW Health with funding support by the NDIS through the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) - ILC National Readiness Grants.​

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