What is happening on the Rhodes Peninsula?

The former Union Carbide site at Rhodes made pesticides and other chemicals. The group of chemicals known as dioxins were a by-product of this process.

Waste containing these chemicals was used in the past to fill areas across the peninsula and in Homebush Bay. The company undertaking the clean-up of this waste in soil and the bay commenced on-site in August 2005. The clean-up is expected to be completed in late 2008.

The land will be redeveloped for residential and commercial use.

What is the role of NSW Health in Rhodes Peninsula?

NSW Health is working with other agencies to ensure that the clean-up is carried out with minimal impact on surrounding communities, and to ensure that the land is fit for residential and recreational uses once the clean-up is complete.

NSW Health has undertaken a variety of actions, including consultation with the community of Rhodes peninsula and surrounding areas. Here are details about the outcomes from the community liaison:

We have also presented slideshows to the Rhodes Community/Health Liaison Group, explaining how NSW Health is involved in the Rhodes Peninsula Remediation project:

Rhodes Serum Dioxin Study

A further outcome of the community liaison is the Rhodes Serum Dioxin Study, which is monitoring dioxin levels in the community during the remediation.

More information about the study:

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