Secure Analytics for Population Health Research and Intelligence (SAPHaRI) provides data in an analytic-and-reporting ready system to teams within NSW Health to support the delivery of insights that drive innovation in NSW health care, policy and planning.

SAPHaRI maintains up-to-date databases of health, demographic population and geographic data, supporting evidence-based decision making. Data are customised into analytic-ready structures for the study of population health, epidemiology and surveillance. The SAPHaRI environment enables managed access to sensitive data for analysts within NSW Health and also provides a suite of cutting-edge tools for analytics, data manipulation and reporting.

There are currently over 200 analysts using SAPHaRI to deliver evidence-based insights to policy makers, program planners, journalists and the public. SAPHaRI helps deliver the NSW Health Analytics Framework.

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SAPHaRI portal​ (internal users only)​​

Current as at: Thursday 16 April 2020