NSW Health supports older people to live active and healthy lives, with improved physical and mental wellbeing. NSW Health develops, implement and funds a range of state-wide, evidence-based initiatives to support active living.

Stepping On

Stepping On is an evidence-based falls prevention program to assist older people to reduce their risk of falling. 

Visit Stepping On for more information about the program, or visit Active and Healthy to find a Stepping On program near you.

Active and Healthy

Active and Healthy is an online directory of physical activity programs for older adults, including those with a falls prevention component. To find a suitable program in your local area visit Active and Healthy today.

Healthy and Active for Life Online

The Healthy and Active for Life Online program is a home-based physical activity and healthy lifestyle program for adults aged 60 years and over. 

The online program includes home exercise, online education modules and phone support, and aims to build participants' fitness, knowledge, skills and confidence to lead active and healthy lives. 

Please visit Healthy and Active for Life for more information.

NSW Falls Prevention and Healthy Ageing Network

The NSW Falls Prevention Program seeks to promote a comprehensive, systemic approach to falls prevention and to reducing fall-related injury within NSW. The program involves collaboration between the NSW Ministry of Health, the Clinical Excellence Commission, the Agency for Clinical Innovation, Ambulance NSW and the local health districts.

The NSW Falls Prevention and Healthy Ageing Network shares falls prevention knowledge, expertise and resources to those working in the hospital, community and residential aged care sectors. The network is funded by the NSW Ministry of Health and is managed by the Clinical Excellence Commission.

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