Live Life Well @ Health: Healthier Food & Drink Choices - Staff & Visitors in NSW Health Facilities

Please note that this policy is under review and is no longer current.  Information for tender applicants has been prepared for use in the interim. For any queries please contact Megan Cobcroft on (02) 9391 9379 or at

The purpose of this Policy Directive is to improve the nutritional quality of food and drinks available to staff and visitors in NSW Health facilities. "Applicable foods and drinks" are single serves of commercial, ready-to-eat foods and drinks, food and drinks packaged for display, all sandwiches and all salads. As a result of this Policy Directive it is expected that at least 80% of applicable foods and drinks offered to NSW Health staff and visitors will be healthier choices by 30 October 2011. This timeframe extends the deadline for Phase 1 implementation from 30 June 2009 as nominated in PD2007_081. Fundraising activities in NSW Health facilities are exempt.


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