The Get Healthy Service provides information and ongoing health coaching support about how to improve your lifestyle in relation to:

  • healthy eating
  • being active
  • achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Participants of the Get Healthy Service will receive up to 10 free telephone-based health coaching calls over six months from a University qualified health professional, who will assist in:

  • developing personal health goals
  • creating action plans
  • maintaining motivation
  • identifying problem areas
  • creating solutions for successful lifestyle change.

The Get Healthy Service health coach will ring participants at times that are suitable for them between 8am-8pm, Monday to Friday. Participants receive free resources including an Information Book and a Coaching Journal, and can also access logs and other tools on this website to keep on eye on their progress.

Getting started

Taking part in the Get Healthy Service health coaching program is easy, simply phone: 1300 806 258

Or send an email with your contact details to​

A qualified health coach will call you back on the next business day to discuss your health goals and explain the advantages of the Get Healthy Service.

For more information visit the website: Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service®​.

Current as at: Wednesday 23 August 2017
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