NSW Hepatitis C Strategy 2014-2020Goals and targets

The goals of this strategy are to:

  • reduce hepatitis C infections in NSW; and
  • improve the health outcomes of people living with hepatitis C in NSW.

To achieve our goals, our program efforts will focus on:

  • reducing sharing of injecting equipment among people who inject drugs by 25%; and
  • increasing the number of people accessing hepatitis C treatment in NSW by 100%.

Priority populations

This strategy focuses our efforts on working with those groups of people that are most at risk or most affected by hepatitis C. These ‘priority populations’ are:

  • People living with hepatitis C;
  • People who inject drugs, especially new initiates;
  • People in or recently in custodial settings;
  • Aboriginal people;
  • People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds; and
  • Young people who are at risk of injecting.

New medicines for hepatitis C treatment

On 1 March 2016 four direct acting antiviral medicines for the treatment of hepatitis C were listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). These new and effective medicines have a cure rate of greater than 90 per cent. Treatment with the medicines is shorter in duration, less complex and much better tolerated than interferon treatments.

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Further information regarding the medicines and prescriber eligibility is available from Th​e Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

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