COVID-19 testing

What COVID-19 test should I do?
Fact sheet about the different tests you can get to check if you have coronavirus (COVID-19) and what to do next.

People with COVID-19

Testing positive to COVID-19 and managing COVID-19 safely at home
Fact sheet for people who have tested positive for COVID-19 and safely managing COVID-19 at home.

People exposed to COVID-19

Information for people exposed to COVID-19
Information for people told by family, friends, colleagues or their workplace that they've been in contact with a person who has COVID-19.

COVID-19 self-isolation guidelines

NSW Health COVID-19 self-isolation guidelines
Guidance for anyone who is self-isolating at home. Under the Public Health (COVID-19 Self-Isolation) Order, anyone self-isolating at home is legally obliged to comply with the guideline.

Household and close contact guidelines

NSW Health household and close contact guidelines
Guidance for household contacts (someone who lives with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19) and close contacts (someone who has been formally notified by NSW Health that they are a close contact). Under the Public Health (COVID-19 Self-Isolation) Order, all household and close contacts are legally required to follow these guidelines.

Early childhood education

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) COVID-19 guidance for families
Guidance for families of children in early childhood education and care (ECEC).

Personal information and privacy

COVID-19 contact tracing and your privacy
How NSW Health uses and discloses personal information relating to COVID-19 collected through case interviews and contact tracing.

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