Welcome to the NSW Health Innovation site. Here you will be able to read about some remarkable work that is being done every day in every part of our health system to improve the care we offer to the people of NSW.

NSW Health is a huge health system with complex medical, clinical and community networks; a large number of facilities; significant connections to research institutes and universities across the State. We are world-class and we are proud of the standard of excellence and quality of care that we deliver every day.

We have an obligation to be innovators and to lead medical and clinical change. Innovation and new thinking is part of everything we do from the Ministry, through to acute care in hospital settings, to community health networks across the State.

Innovation is a key part of Health Reform. Strong organisations focus on change and innovation as an everyday part of what they do. NSW Health is a strong organisation. We perform significant clinical activities every day. Innovation is part of this and part of us.

Opening video of the symposium

The Power of Innovation Symposium

On Friday 19 October, the Hon. Jillian Skinner, Minister for Health and Minister for Medical Research, together with the Hon. Kevin Humphries, Minister for Mental Health, Minister for Healthy Lifestyles and Minister for Western NSW spoke at the first annual symposium on innovation. This event brought together a wide range of the talented minds to discuss how new innovations are driving change in the delivery of health care in New South Wales.

The Power of Innovation Symposium included more than 25 speakers covering everything from developments in cutting edge cancer treatment, to the use of robot technologies in surgery and major advances in managing mental health, chronic illness and pain. The industry-leading work from the 35 finalists to be honoured at the 2012 NSW Health Annual Innovation Awards was displayed.

To see some of the innovation that is happening in our state:

Closing video of the symposium

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