StageWelcome to 15th Annual NSW Health Innovation Awards site celebrating the finalists and recipients of the 2013 Innovation Awards. The annual awards ceremony is one of the most important events in the NSW Health calendar. It showcases the excellent work being done throughout our health system in NSW. Embracing innovation will mean continuous improvement in the care we offer.

The 149 entrants and 38 finalists in the 2013 NSW Health Innovation Awards – Amazing Minds – reflect the innovation and initiatives of people across NSW Health: those providing direct care and those that support direct care through development of policy, management, and clinical or corporate services. NSW Health is constantly inspired by the innovation shown by health professionals in coming up with better ways to keep people well and treat patients. The quality of the work being done is outstanding and will inspire everyone in every part of our public health system to embrace innovation every day, in every way.

Please take time to review the work of finalist teams and individuals who have gone above and beyond to deliver incredible developments: one person, one action and one community expanding to more and more communities over time. The more innovative our system becomes, the better the quality of care.​​​​

Current as at: Wednesday 30 October 2013