Welcome to the 2013 NSW Health Innovation Symposium site. Here you will be able to read about some of the innovative work being done every day in every part of our health system to improve the care we offer to the people of NSW. Innovation is key to delivering world-class healthcare. The more innovative our system becomes, the better the quality of care.

The 2013 NSW Health Innovation Symposium featured 63 presentations on ground-breaking health initiatives that harness new ideas, new technologies and new approaches to the delivery of patient care. Innovation and new thinking is part of everything we do from the Ministry, through to acute care in hospital settings, to community health networks across the State. Embracing innovation increases the strength of our organisation and through collaboration between our health care professionals and consumers, carers, the workforce, the broader community and non-government providers real advances are being made. The result is both an improvement in how we work and better outcomes for patients.

Please take time to review the presentations from the Connecting Minds Symposium held 11 October, 2013. You will find new ideas and fresh approaches that will inspire everyone in every part of our public health system to embrace innovation every day, in every way.​