Winner for Bob Leece Transforming Health

So​uth Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD)

Gary Goozée, Mark Sidhom, Daniel Truant, Jillian Skinner, Sankar Arumugam​, Mark Udovitch, Geoff Delaney

Stereotactic radiotherapy is a cutting edge treatment for prostate cancer, delivering significantly escalated radiation doses to maximise cure rates. This technique mandates highly accurate treatment delivery. Prostate motion is known to occur during radiation treatment, which results in inaccurate and potentially ineffective radiotherapy. The radiation therapy treatment machines (linear accelerators) used in South Western Sydney Local Health District , similar to the majority of systems world-wide, do not have the ability to identify the prostate position during treatment delivery.

This project involved the development of methodology and software, ‘SeedTracker’, to enable cost-effective, novel real-time prostate position monitoring on general purpose radiotherapy treatment machines. The developed solution was implemented for routine clinical use and established as a standard of care for prostate stereotactic radiotherapy.​​​​​​​​



Page Updated: Wednesday 26 October 2016