Fin​​alist for Collaborative Team

Mid N​orth Coast Local Health District (MNCLHD)

The Vocational Intervention Program (VIP) is a pilot program supporting people with an acquired brain injury to seek and obtain sustainable employment. Work is a key measure of community integration following brain injury.

Participants are engaged in one of two intervention streams:

  1. Fast track: Assists return to pre-injury place of employment
  2. New track: Explores new employment opportunities through work trials.

Under the Mid North Coast Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service/ CHESS partnership, 18 patients have engaged in the program. Positive experiences relate to effective inter-agency communication, sharing of expertise, responsive service delivery and supportive employer networks.

An independent evaluation will determine the efficacy and costs/ benefits of the program to consider extending to other regions and sustainability beyond the pilot funding period.​​​​​

Page Updated: Wednesday 26 October 2016