Winner for Harry Collins Award

Sydne​y Local Health District (SLHD)

Adrienne Gordon, Patricia Collins, Rowena McMullan, Mark Greenhallgh, Jillian Skinner

Prevention of central line-associated blood stream infection (CLABSI) is a key objective for improvement of patient safety and reduction of mortality, morbidity, hospital stay and costs. We introduced a bundle of evidence-based interventions into our Newborn Care Unit to reduce the number of CLABSI in our vulnerable newborn patients. A coordinated program was designed, and focused on training, education and audit with feedback.

Results showed significantly reduced central line use and dwell time, and sustained reduced CLABSI rates up to the most recent available data. The project highlights the substantial impact on clinical practice that can be made within one nursery, and that this translated into significant reductions in CLABSI.​​​​​​



Page Updated: Wednesday 26 October 2016