Finalist ​​for Local Solutions

​​Murr​​umbidgee Local Health District (MLHD)


Child victims of sexual assault and physical abuse and neglect presenting to Wagga Wagga Base Hospital emergency department were required to be transported to the Australian Capital Territory.

In 2013 a working party was established, including Violence Prevention and Response, paediatrics, the hospital emergency department and Family and Community Services. A forensic model was developed including clinical leadership and resourcing to ensure the delivery of a high standard of coordination and care to patients attending the hospital with suspected child abuse, neglect and sexual assault.

Project members developed approaches to integrate care to provide seamless, effective and efficient care that responds to all of the child’s and their families health needs across both physical and psycho-social health, with connected services across different providers.​​​​​​

Page Updated: Wednesday 26 October 2016