Fi​​nalist for Preventive Health

​​Sou​​th Western Sydney Local Heath District (SWSLHD)

The partnership between South Western Sydney and Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation aimed to place allied health services on site to engage the local Indigenous community, develop sustainable partnerships between health and Tharawal and access a population who was not accessing mainstream services.

The project aims to close the gap in Aboriginal health outcomes through culturally appropriate services. The Gudaga Study (McDonald et al 2003) indicates the emergence of delays in Indigenous children’s language acquisition, fine motor development, cognitive skills at three years and prior to school entry, and declines in personal/ social development. This service has resulted in a streamlined, person centred, integrated health care pathway between Tharawal Aboriginal Medical Service, allied health services and mainstream community health services.

Pre and post testing of children has demonstrated individual improvements with skills that are predictors of learning and literacy.​​​​​​​​

Page Updated: Wednesday 26 October 2016