Winner for Preventive Health

​​​​Hu​nter New England Local Health District (HNELHD)

Paul Wilmot, Rachael Sutherland, Libby Kembal, Karen Gillham, Lynda Davies, Jillian Skinner

Physical activity 4 everyone is a secondary school program that aims to reduce the decline in physical activity and to improve weight status among adolescents attending school in disadvantaged areas. The program involved ten secondary schools (five intervention schools and five control schools) and involved 1100 Year 7 students who were followed over two years.

Evaluation using a randomised controlled trial design found that students attending schools that implemented the program performed 13 per cent (7.0 minutes) more physical activity each day and gained two per cent (0.9 kg) less weight (p < 0.01) compared to students attending the control schools. This is the first school based physical activity program internationally to increase physical activity and reduce weight gain in disadvantaged adolescents.

If applied across NSW, the program could make a substantial contribution to achieving the Premier’s Priority target of a five per cent reduction in child overweight and obesity.​​​​​​​​



Page Updated: Wednesday 26 October 2016