Final​​ist for Translational Research

Mid​ North Coast Local Health District (MNCLHD)

There is currently no randomised evidence and very limited retrospective evidence comparing hypofractionated post-mastectomy radiotherapy (Hf-PMRT) with traditional conventionally-fractionated post-mastectomy radiotherapy (CF-PMRT) for breast cancer.

The hypofractionated regimen for radiotherapy to the intact breast has been gradually introduced into clinical practice in Australia following the results of landmark randomised trials which demonstrated its safety and efficacy in 2010. However, there is currently no randomised evidence comparing Cf-PMRT with Hf-PMRT.

Within six months of treatment patients receiving Hf-PMRT were significantly less likely to be referred for wound care (OR 0.11;p<0.001), indicating less severe acute skin toxicity from radiotherapy. We also demonstrated that patients treated with Hf-PMRT were not more likely (OR = 0.62;p=0.335) to be referred to lymphoedema care than Cf-PMRT. Patient satisfaction is enhanced as treatment episodes are reduced by ten and treatment time reduced by two weeks. The mutual trust between clinical staff, researchers and patients is demonstrated with no patients lost to follow.

Page Updated: Wednesday 26 October 2016