Enabling integrated care in NSW​

Technology is transforming how we live and work and provides a great opportunity for the healthcare sector to embrace new ways of operating. eHealth systems are an integral part of the success of NSW Health’s Integrated Care Strategy which aims to deliver seamless, effective and efficient care that responds to all of a person’s physical and mental health needs, in partnership with the individual, their carer and/or family.

Until recently, most patients’ healthcare information has been held in separate locations with different medical practitioners, pharmacists and hospitals. Most of these records are not shared electronically. More effective and innovative approaches are therefore needed in order toe be able to share this information and sustain the quality of healthcare. The digitalisation of health information is a significant and necessary step towards an integrated care environment, as it will support information sharing between clinicians in a secure and efficient manner.

Implementing locally led models across the state

A key focus of the NSW Integrated Care Strategy is to deliver technology that connects different IT systems and data across NSW and advocates for the use of more innovative technology to deliver improved patient experiences and outcomes, as well as better health service delivery for clinicians. This includes:

  • The development of state-wide enablers, such as the continued rollout of HealtheNet
  • Working with the Agency for Clinical Innovation to pilot Patient Reported Measures survey tools, which will enable patients to provide direct, timely feedback about their health-related outcomes and experiences, to drive improvement and integration of healthcare across NSW
  • Develop a statewide approach for active Shared Care Collaboration, including the support of Proof of Concept technology. This will guide Local Health Districts and Specialty Health Networks on the suitability of solutions and develop standards for adoption across NSW Health
  • Investigate technology that enables tracking of integrated care patients/cohorts, and potentially care activities, for patient identification, monitoring and evaluation purposes and improved outcomes

eHealth NSW will continue to investigate options and implications to improve state-wide technology infrastructure, systems and tools to support implementation of the strategy and the integrated care patient journey in NSW.

Page Updated: Monday 25 July 2016
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