Three Local Health District Demonstrators are testing models of integrated care supported by $50.6 million funding over four years. The Demonstrator sites are in Western Sydney, Central Coast, and Western NSW, representing metropolitan, regional and remote rural areas. Each of the Demonstrators has taken a different approach to how they will integrate care. This has enabled NSW Health to test a variety of approaches and take the elements of each which are most successful for state-wide rollout in the future.

Demonstrators are working in partnership with Primary Health Networks and other health agencies in the primary care, not-for-profit and private sectors to develop and progress approaches to integrated care to address the coordination and provision of services for patients in full understanding of local factors.

The Demonstrators are networked with each other and with NSW Health’s state-wide agencies and pillars including the Ministry of Health, Agency for Clinical Innovation and eHealth NSW, to ensure that lessons learned in one site can be modelled in other places.

By pursuing a system-wide approach alongside a focus on local priorities, NSW Health aims to transform local health systems in a way that makes integrated care sustainable into the future.

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