Information for applicants to NSW and ACT advanced physician training roles in Cardiology, Gastroenterolgy and Rheumatology

The RACP Advanced Training and Selection Matching (ATSM) system concluded in 2018, and an interim service is available for specialties in 2019 which participate in preference matcing.
However, applicants to advanced training positions in Cardiology, Gastroenterolgy and Rheumatology must apply only through NSW JMO eRecruit for positions in NSW and ACT. For these specialties, preference matching will be conducted by NSW Health and applicants will not need to also apply via the ATSM portal.
For further information about changes to applications for advanced training for Cardiology, Gastroenterolgy and Rheumatology, please email

Information for BPTs sitting RACP clinical exam and applying for positions in JMO annual recruitment

The publication of the RACP Adult exam results is 15 August 2019. Applications for Basic and Advanced training positions advertised in this year’s JMO annual recruitment campaign must be submitted by 7 August 2019.  Therefore you will need to:
  1. Submit applications for both Basic and Advanced Training Positions, prior 7 August 2019 (and prior to the release of the exam results on 15 August 2019).
  2. Following the release of exam results you should withdraw your application for either Basic or Advanced training positions as soon as possible, based on the outcome of your exam results. Please note you can withdraw your application through the JMO eRecruit System up until the time an interview has been scheduled. After this time you must contact the convenor to withdraw your application. 
No Advanced or Basic Training interviews will occur before the release of the exam results. The interview schedule is published on the JMO Recruitment dates page

Withdrawing your application

  1. Log in – select “My Profile” on top right of page
  2. Login screen 
  3. Select “My application History” – as long as interview has not been “accepted” select dropdown box “withdraw”
  4. My application history screen 
Please contact the JMO helpdesk should you require assistance to withdraw your application on 1300 443 966 or 
Page Updated: Friday 7 June 2019