Why were term two rotations suspended?

Term two rotations have been suspended to help Local Health Districts and Specialty Networks to implement COVID-19 workforce surge plans. The decision was not made lightly, but these are unprecedented times, and the focus is how best to support health services and staff to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has been taken in the interests of ensuring the health system is in the best position to respond to the pandemic. We heard from the system that it was important to minimise disruptions to medical staffing as much as possible. Having medical officers who are familiar with the facility, local policies and guidelines implemented in response to COVID-19 was considered important in responding to the pandemic.

What about term three rotations?

No decision has been made about term three rotations at this stage.  The Ministry will advise on term three rotations no later than four weeks before the scheduled term three rotations are due to start.  For five term rotations, advice will be provided by Friday 29 May 2020 and for four and two term rotations by Friday 3 July 2020.

Have five term and four term rotations been suspended for term two?


What about interns who need to complete mandatory rotations to get general registration?

The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) have advised that they will waive the usual rotation requirements for interns in 2020.

The MBA will accept the following supervised clinical experience for general registration:


  • at least 40 weeks full-time equivalent service (a reduction of seven weeks to allow for isolation/sick leave etc)
  • the clinical experience can take place in accredited and non-accredited positions
  • the requirement for the usual rotations of medicine, surgery and emergency medical care is waived. The Board will accept clinical experience in any supervised rotations


For more information go to the Medical Board of Australia responses to COVID-19 pandemic.

I am on rotation to another facility - do I continue with my term one rotation?

You will remain at your current training site. If you have extenuating circumstances that make it difficult for you to remain at your current location, contact your current facility and they will work with your home facility and consider your request.

I thought rotations had been suspended - why am I being sent to another hospital for term two?

Each District and training network has been asked to consider and manage, on a case by case basis, any extenuating circumstances that may necessitate a trainee to be moved from their term one rotations. If it is decided that a trainee needs to be rotated out of a facility, it is important that they are replaced so that there is no vacancy. It is particularly important to ensure that rural and regional junior medical staffing levels are maintained. In directing the trainee to undertake the rotation the two facilities have agreed that the rotation will occur and that trainees will be appropriately orientated and integrated into the local medical workforce teams.

What about internal rotations?

Rotations within facilities have also been halted.  However, each local health district and training network is looking at how best to deploy and organise medical workforce to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Some facilities and training networks may look at movement of medical staff across different teams and terms within the same facilities.  As trainees are already familiar with the facility there may be opportunities to rotate staff within a facility with minimal disruption. This will be the decision of facilities and training networks.  

This page will be regularly updated, with the current date of advice shown below. Please visit this page regularly to keep in touch with developments. 

What support is available to JMOs feeling under pressure at this time?

The JMO Support Line is available on 1300 566 321.

This page will be regularly updated, with the current date of advice shown below. Please visit this page regularly to keep in touch with developments.


Page Updated: Monday 6 April 2020