NSW Health is aware of the uncertainty in the current COVID-19 environment, and we understand there are many questions, particularly in light of some specialty colleges postponing exams.

We have created this webpage specifically to provide advice regarding JMO recruitment and will post updates on this page as they occur.


Is the 2021 annual medical recruitment campaign proceeding?

Yes. The Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council (AHMAC) has agreed that the 2021 clinical year will commence nationally, as per usual, on the first Monday in February (1 February 2021). Accordingly, the JMO 2021 recruitment campaign will take place this year, but with some differences to account for COVID-19 and to ensure the safety of everyone taking part in the campaign. 

Where can I find the campaign dates for the annual recruitment for the 2021 clinical year? 

The dates can be found on the JMO campaign dates webpage.

How will JMO recruitment be different this year?

All current public health orders and other work health and safety requirements need to be complied with during this year's campaign.  This is likely to have an impact on the way interviews are conducted.  In addition, the situation with COVID-19 is fluid, and the campaign will need to respond rapidly to any changes.  We will endeavour to inform you of these changes as soon as possible, but your safely and that of our staff and patients will be the uppermost in responding to any changes in circumstances with the pandemic. 

Will there be face-to-face interviews this year?

JMO interviews are undertaken in different ways, depending on factors such as the role being interviewed for, the number of applicants and the size of the panel. In relation to each interview, Local Health Districts and Specialty Networks will assess the risk to decide if it is safe to conduct face-to-face interviews. If the risk of transmission of COVID-19 is considered too high, video or phone interviews will be used instead. Even if the risk is low and face-to-face interviews are arranged; workplace safety requirements may influence the location, duration, number of panel members and hygiene measures required. If you do not wish to attend a face-to-face interview because of the risk of COVID-19, you will not be disadvantaged, video or telephone options will be made available to you. If you have any queries in this regard, please contact the person whose contact details appear in the advertisement for the position in JMO eRecruit.

Working with Children Check and other police checks

The Information Sheet on Working with Children Checks and Other Police Checks provides advice on how to meet these requirements during COVID-19.

How will medical college exam delays impact recruitment?

The Ministry is liaising with colleges to maintain continuity of training and recruitment, where possible, including entry to and exit from training programs, as well as progression through programs.  The relevant college website is the best place to obtain information about training impacts from COVID-19.  You can also contact your local JMO Unit and/or training supervisor for further information.

How will the most recent RACP exam changes impact my application for advanced training in 2021?

For further information regarding the RACP, please see Information for Advanced Trainees with the RACP page.

Are any contract extensions being given in light of COVID-19?

In general, recruitment for positions will continue as per the normal campaign process.  Please refer to the campaign dates.  Recruitment through a competitive process provides all applicants with an equitable opportunity to gain a position on merit.

However, in some circumstances, recruitment may not be the most equitable strategy and contract extensions may be offered.  In particular, some final year training contracts may be eligible for extension if a trainee has not met college training requirements or has been unable to progress to Fellowship due to COVID-19 restrictions.  The circumstances in which contract extensions will be offered will be limited, but they will be offered on an equitable basis.  Please contact your local JMO Unit and/or training supervisor for further information.  

What is the situation for overseas applicants?

Overseas applicants are able to apply for JMO positions as per usual.  However, please be aware that there are currently travel restrictions which affect entry into Australia.  These may impact your ability to take up your position and fulfil your contractual obligations if you are successful in obtaining a position.  Please visit the Department of Home Affairs COVID-19 webpage for up to date information regarding travel restrictions into Australia.   

What support is available for JMOs feeling under pressure at this time?

The JMO Support Line is available on 1300 566 321.  Various support services are also available, including the Beyond Blue Corona Virus Support Line(phone 1800 512 348). 

Check with your JMO Unit to see if your Local Health District also has services available to you assist you.

You may also be interested in enrolling in an evaluation study for a new smart phone app, SHIFT, which has been specifically designed to assist JMOs with their health and wellbeing.  If you are interested in joining this study, you can find more information through the Black Dog Institute.

How do I stay in touch with what is happening?

If you have any questions about this year’s recruitment, please contact your JMO Unit. Please remember that they will not have all the answers at this time, as we are still working through the myriad of issues that this difficult situation imposes upon us. We will always endeavour to communicate decisions to you as soon as possible, and this page will be regularly updated, with the current date of advice shown below.

Thanks to all involved in JMO recruitment

We thank all involved for your patience and understanding. Everyone is facing challenges at this time and we rely on our CORE values to ensure that we treat everyone, junior and senior clinicians, JMO unit staff, and everyone else involved in the campaign, with kindness and respect as we work through these issues together.​​​​

Current as at: Tuesday 4 August 2020