Medical registration

Medical Board of Australia Registration(HealthShare NSW will confirm registrations for employers)

Position titles

For information on the position titles to be used for all JMO recruitment, both during the annual recruitment campaign and ad-hoc recruitment, please refer to the Glossary of Terms.

Position titles are to be used consistently throughout the position description when referring to the person/s in that position, and award terminology should not be used unless the position title and the award terminology is one and the same, i.e. RMO, Senior Registrar.

Advertisement type and contract lengths

Positions are to be advertised in accordance with the NSW JMO Recruitment Campaign Advertising Guidelines, which can be accessed obtained from the JMO Recruitment Community page. If you require access to the JMO Recruitment Community page, please email

In addition, JMOs recruited outside of the campaign (via ad hoc vacancies) may only be offered contracts up to the end of the current or following clinical year. The position will then need to be readvertised via the annual recruitment campaign for the subsequent clinical year.

Eligibility lists

For information on creating Eligibility Lists, please refer to the Recruitment and Selection of Junior Medical Officers in the NSW Health Service policy directive.

Allocation process

The approved specialties participating in the allocation process are:

  • 2012: Respiratory
  • 2013: Neurology and Nuclear medicine
  • 2014: Anatomical Pathology
  • 2015: Gastroenterology

Job offers

In order to ensure the integrity of the recruitment process, employers need to ensure that preliminary offers of employment are made according to the offer dates. In previous years, some offers were made before the dates agreed, and in some instances this resulted in applicants withdrawing from interviews in other specialties/positions which have later interview/offer dates.

From time to time, applicants applying for positions advertised during the JMO Recruitment Campaign advise the Ministry that they had been made verbal offers. Please note that all preliminary offers must be made to applicants by email via the ROB medical careers portal. The Ministry and HealthShare NSW will be advising applicants who enquire about verbal offers that they should ensure that they have been sent preliminary offers by email before making decisions.

Please refer to the Recruitment and Selection of Junior Medical Officer in the NSW Health Service policy directive for further information on the job offer process.

Pay determinations and remunerations

Information on salary classification/grading is contained in the Health Professional and Medical Salaries (State) Award.

All pay determinations for JMOs should be completed by staff who are appropriately trained in the interpretation of the above award, including pay scales and recognition of appropriate prior experience. Other staff assisting with the recruitment process may make recommendations regarding pay determinations, but the JMO unit must approve the final pay scale prior to the Complete Offer Details Form being submitted to HealthShare NSW for the generation of the letter of employment. In addition, any staff member determining the pay scale must have access to StaffLink to ensure JMOs are incrementing correctly.

A NSW Health agency must not, without specific approval from the Ministry of Health offer remuneration or conditions of service other than in accordance with the Award and the relevant determinations of the Ministry of Health.

Any requests for payments or conditions of service outside the Award must go through the Workplace Relations Branch.

HealthShare NSW has been advised not to release contracts where payments are outside the award, and are without the appropriate approval.

Letters of employment/contracts

The processing of Letters of Employment will be completed by the HealthShare NSW Service Centre at Parramatta. This is except for Third Schedule facilities (St Vincent’s and Calvary) and the ACT, which will generate their own letters.

The Employee Services functionality of adding and activating employees on the Payroll systems however will be completed by the HealthShare NSW Service Centre at Newcastle.

Please note that a signed letter of employment must be obtained for all junior medical staff (existing and new) prior to them commencing work.

Rural Preferential Recruitment (RPR) Interns

Due to the devolvement of recruitment to the LHDs, the local level Recruitment Units are required to complete contracts for the RPR Interns which are advertised through the ROB medical careers portal.

Notification of changes to appointments/Facility swaps

If Letters of Employment have already been issued to the JMOs and a facility change is to occur (i.e. a swap) the following steps must be undertaken:

  1. a written agreement that the JMO and Convenor have agreed to the swap as well as the facilities involved must be obtained
  2. the panel Convenor must advise the JMO Unit of the facilities involved in writing
  3. the facilities’ JMO Units must request HealthShare NSW in writing to amend the contracts.

Contract extension

Contracts are not able to extended as per Section 2.6.1 of the Recruitment and Selection of Junior Medical O​fficers to the NSW Health Service policy directive. If the trainee does not complete the training program within the time period of their contract, they must reapply for employment.​​​

Current as at: Tuesday 11 May 2021