Aboriginal Maternal and Infant Health Services


The Aboriginal Maternal and Infant Health Service (AMIHS) was implemented in 2001 to improve the health of mothers of Aboriginal babies during pregnancy so that their babies have the best possible start in life.

 Midwives and Aboriginal health workers work together to provide a continuity of care maternity service that meets the needs of Aboriginal families. 

AMIHS builds on Aboriginal communities' knowledge and understanding about pregnancy and infant health. 

There are over 40 AMIHS sites in NSW delivering services to Aboriginal families in over 80 locations.

AMIHS teams provide antenatal and postnatal care, from as early as possible in the pregnancy and up to eight weeks after birth. The care is provided in the community and links closely with mainstream maternity services to ensure that risk management, education and support are available to AMIHS teams.

Services provided by AMIHS include:

  • regular antenatal checks
  • assistance with booking into maternity hospitals
  • referral and support to access other services
  • postnatal checks and support to attend child and family health services
  • health promotion and community activities
  • support and information on nutrition and feeding
  • support to access quit smoking programs

After attending AMIHS, families are linked to child and family health services. NSW Health has implemented the Building Strong Foundations (BSF) program across 15 locations to provide child and family health services for Aboriginal families up until the child goes to school. Some BSF programs are co-located with an AMIHS.


Training and Support Unit for Aboriginal Mothers, Babies and Children

The Training Support Unit (TSU) provides professional development to AMIHS, BSF and other staff working collaboratively with these programs.

TSU education and training ensures staff have the knowledge and skills to provide sustainable, culturally appropriate maternity and child health care to Aboriginal families.

AMIHS services

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