Paediatric clinical networks

Responsibility for NSW Health’s paediatric clinical networks has transitioned to the Paediatric Network at the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation .

Supporting paediatric allied health clinicians

The Allied Health Education and Clinical Support Program is an initiative of the NSW Children's Healthcare Network (CHN). The program employs an allied health educator in each of the three CHN regions to address the education, training and clinical support issues for allied health professionals who work with children across all areas of NSW. This comprises a range of educational modalities, including workshops/courses, online networks, clinical guidelines, e-learning modules, tele​h​ealth education, educational secondments and a monthly Allied to Kids newsletter.

For further details regarding the education and clinical support available through the program, visit Allied to Kids (A2K).

Allied to Kids newsletter


​Allied Health Telehealth

The Allied Health Telehealth Program is an initiative of the NSW Children's Healthcare Network (CHN) to promote the use of telehealth as a means of supporting and enhancing acute paediatric care across the southern, northern and western regions of the CHN. The program began in 2003 and since then over 6000 allied health professionals have accessed education and support via the program. The program provides NSW Health allied health professionals caring for children with fortnightly access to education activities and workshops conducted at various sites across NSW. For further details regarding the education, clinical support and telehealth calendar visit Allied to Kids (A2K).


Registrations for allied health telehealth occur online. An email to advertise each individual session will be distributed, containing a web link for registration. It is the responsibility of participants to provide accurate IP address/ISDN/alias details for the specific videoconference room to be used for the telehealth session.
The following information will be required when registering your videoconference site (please note that you cannot register your computer details):
  • accurate videoconference IP address/ISDN/alias details and phone number for the specific videoconference room to be used for the telehealth session
  • name and phone number for a nominated local contact
  • name and phone number for a local IT representative.
Ensure that you keep these details handy as they will be required each time you register for a session.
Please note that the cut-off for registration is 12pm on the Wednesday prior to any scheduled session.


For further information or to be included on the email distribution list please contact your CHN Allied Health Educator.


Evaluation of each session is essential for the ongoing success of the program and can be completed via an online survey. The link for the evaluation will be emailed to registered sites/individuals. Certificates of participation will only be provided to clinicians on completion of the online evaluation. Please ensure that these are always completed. The telehealth program is a great way of sharing information in a professional forum. If you are aware of a topic please discuss this with an Allied Health Educator.

Information for presenters

The Allied Health Telehealth Presenter Toolkit has been developed to facilitate the production of effective telehealth sessions. A PowerPoint presentation template is also available from the allied health educators on request.

Past presentations

Allied Health Telehealth sessions can be viewed at a later date if your local health district or specialty network supports web streaming. Please contact your IT Support if you are unsure whether your local health district or specialty network supports web streaming. For more information on how you can view sessions via web streaming please view the logon instructions. If you are unable to access web streaming a copy of the presentation is available on request. The handouts for past sessions can be located within the telehealth calendar.
Page Updated: Thursday 28 June 2018