Please can you clarify the funding
Funding is available each year for three years.
In the 2020/21 Financial year two options are available:
  1. Applicants wishing to receive the full year effect must provide a clear rationale demonstrating how funding will be used to kick start or accelerate the project
  2. Applicants may elect to receive adjusted to reflect the part of the year remaining when funding is approved. This means that if funding is approved in January 2020, recipients will receive 6 months of funding. 
Projects will receive the full year’s funding in the following two years subject to project monitoring.
Can Local Health Districts (LHDs) request a timeline extension to allow for approval processes?
An extension will be granted to all LHDs.
An updated closure date for proposals is FRIDAY 13 NOVEMBER 2020.
Can proposals include resources
from other sources?
Yes. Applications that have in kind or additional resources will be considered.  This may also help applicants demonstrate sustainability.
Will small or large proposals be
A panel will be convened to assess each application and to determine the best way to allocate project funds.
The amount of funding is limited each year.
If all proposals submitted request the maximum amount available only a small number of projects will be funded.
Applicants requesting larger amount should consider the scope and reach of their projects, for example by partnerships with other LHDs.
Is there a word template that we
can use to complete applications
Health and Social Policy Branch will create a word template and publish this on the Paediatric web page.
Are there are any population
Projects should focus on the cohort of children and young people who fall into 1 or more of the 3 domains of complexity highlighted on page 3 of the funding strategy.
There are no other exclusions.
Current as at: Monday 26 October 2020