The aim of NSW Paediatric Service Capability Framework (GL2017_010) (the Framework) is to outline a networked approach to connect and support paediatric acute care services to improve accessibility; equity and safe care as close to home as possible, whether in rural, regional or metropolitan locations.

The Framework provides a mechanism for local health districts (LHDs) to assess the planned service capability of their facilities. Each facility must be able to be provide all the clinical services described for their paediatric service capability level.

LHDs should use the Paediatric Service Capability Operational Level Checklists (Appendix 2 of the Framework) to assess their acute care paediatric health services, and identify strengths and areas for improvement to enhance their service capabilities. The checklists outline the essential elements required by paediatric medicine services and surgery for children services to function at each specific service capability level.​​

This Companion Toolkit for the Framework was developed to address identified priorities in improving or enhancing the capabilities of NSW Health services in the delivery of best practice contemporary care, with particular emphasis on paediatric services in general hospitals.
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