NSW Health commissioned research into young people’s experiences of accessing and navigating healthcare in NSW to inform development of Youth Health Policy in NSW beyond 2016.  The ACCESS 3 study began in May 2015 and concluded in May 2017.

The NSW Youth Health Framework 2017-24, launched in July 2017 was informed by preliminary findings of the Access 3 study, including focusing on youth participation, vulnerable young people, navigation support, health literacy and the role of technology. 
The study has four elements:
  • Study 1 – Online survey of young people aged 12 to 24
  • Study 2 – Longitudinal qualitative study which will follow a group of young people over 12 months using in-depth interviews to explore their experiences of accessing health services
  • Study 3 – Qualitative study using semi-structured interviews with service managers and youth health experts
  • Study 4 – Knowledge translation workshop involving a range of stakeholders explore how the research findings can be used to inform policy and practice around youth health.
The ACCESS 3 report (December 2018) will support effective development and implementation of new policies and practices that are designed to improve healthcare outcomes for marginalised young people in NSW.
Current as at: Thursday 8 August 2019