Adolescent Health GP Resource Kit, 2nd editionBy Peter Chown, Dr Melissa Kang, Dr Lena Sanci, Verity Newnham and Clin Prof David Bennett AOy Peter Chown, Dr Melissa Kang, Dr Lena Sanci, Verity Newnham and Clin Prof David Bennett AO

A collaboration between NSW CAAH and NSW Transcultural Mental Health Centre.

Adolescent health problems are often complex and require a comprehensive, biopsychosocial approach. This kit outlines the skills needed for working with the young person and their family, while addressing the developmental, cultural and environmental factors influencing their health status.

This resource kit is a General Practitioner's practical guide to providing health care to adolescents from culturally diverse backgrounds. This user-friendly kit is an essential resource for promoting and providing better health care to our young people.

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Section 1: Understanding adolescents and their health needs​ ​

​Section 2: Skills for youth friendly GPs

  1. Youth friendly consultation
  2. Psychosocial assessment
  3. Management plan
  4. Physical examination
  5. Risk taking
  6. Medico-legal issues​​
  7. Culturally competent
  8. Substance abuse
  9. Sexual health
  10. Mental health
  11. Chronic conditions
  12. Enhancing compliance
  13. Collaborative care and Medicare (revised and updated)

Section 3 - Creating a youth friendly practice

​Section 4 - Youth health resources and contacts


  1. Adolescent health check template (revised)
  2. Youth health risk assessment (HEEADSSS)
  3. Youth friendly practice review​
  4. Growth chart - Boys 2-18 years
  5. Growth chart - Girls 2-18 years
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