Youth Friendly General Practice Training Toolkit: Coordinator Manual and Trainer GuideThe Youth Friendly General Practice Training Toolkit aims to equip general practice staff with the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills to effectively engage young people, assess and identify their health issues and concerns, and provide appropriate intervention and management for their health problems. The toolkit draws on the proven principles and practice of the Adolescent Health GP Resource Kit 2nd edition.

This training toolkit uses experiential learning activities, such as role plays, case studies and small group discussions, to ensure learning. It provides participants with opportunities to practise and develop knowledge and competency in key skills. Detailed guidance and information is given to presenters to help them to present a high-quality Active Learning Module (ALM). The toolkit also contains information and resources to make training organisation and coordination easier.

This training toolkit contains two ALMs:

  • Youth Friendly General Practice: Essential Skills in Youth Health Care
  • Youth Friendly General Practice: Advanced Skills in Youth Health Care

The two ALMs are designed to together cover all the key skills in consulting with young people. The second ALM is designed to follow on from the essential skills and knowledge covered in the first. However, each ALM can be presented independently, and participants can undertake the second ALM without having completed the first ALM as long as they have sufficient knowledge.

Please note that the Essential Skills ALM includes a DVD that is used in a training activity which is not available online. You will need to obtain a hard copy of the training toolkit to receive the DVD.

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