Every person in NSW has the right to mental health services that:
  1. Respect human rights.
  2. Are compassionate and sensitive to the needs of the individuals they serve.
  3. Foster positive attitudes to mental health in the larger community.
  4. Promote positive mental health.
  5. Encourage true consumer involvement at all levels of service delivery and policy development.
  6. Provide effective treatment and care across the lifespan.
  7. Are widely accessible to people with mental health needs.
  8. Provide care in the least restrictive environment, consistent with treatment requirements.
  9. Provide effective and comprehensive prevention programs across the lifespan.
  10. Promote 'living well' with mental illness.
  11. Address quality of life issues such as accommodation, education, work and income, leisure and sport, home and family and other relationships.
  12. Use language that reduces stigma, discrimination, or negativity for those affected and their families.
  13. Respect and are responsive to the diversity in lifestyle, sexuality and sexual preference.
  14. Are culturally sensitive and appropriate to the needs of the individuals they serve.
  15. Encourage and support self-help.
Current as at: Thursday 13 June 2013
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