​The Youth Mental Health Services model has been developed to meet the needs of young people aged 14 to 24 years by increasing early access to mental health services.

In line with the NSW Community Mental Health Strategy 2007-2012​, the Youth Mental Health Services Model promotes enhancing awareness of mental health across the community, stakeholder groups and service networks.

The focus of the model is on early intervention and prevention with flexible approaches to service provision, and access as early as possible to a range of health services relevant to young people.

These services will provide evidence-based intervention at the early stages of mental illness. They will bring together specialist youth mental health services, general practitioners, drug and alcohol workers and other relevant services.

Through a pilot program, the Central Coast Young People's Mental Health Service has developed a prototype Youth Mental Health Services Model in Gosford, called ycentral and a set of agreed principles for development of youth mental health services across NSW.

See Mental health programs for children and teens for information on how to access programs for teens.

Current as at: Tuesday 20 November 2018
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