Clinical Risk Management

Clinical Risk Management is an ongoing and core component of work undertaken within MHDAO. It involves on-going monitoring of clinical risk through review and assessment of mental health related clinical incidents and Root Cause Analysis reports. This is facilitated by the Clinical Incident Review Committee, which is responsible for reviewing clinical incidents that occur within the mental health setting. The committee provides a collaborative and structured approach at a state-wide level to the analysis of clinical incident reports.

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Liaison with Official Visitors Program

MHDAO provides liaison with the Official Visitors Program including development and implementation of policy resulting from the programs activity as it relates to quality and safety within the mental health service system.

Official Visitors are appointed by the NSW Minister for Health to visit people in mental health inpatient facilities in NSW and are available to assist consumers on community treatment orders. They aim to safeguard standards of treatment and care, and advocate for the rights and dignity of people being treated under the NSW Mental Health Act 2007. They make regular visits to all inpatient psychiatric facilities across NSW, talk to patients, inspect records and registers, and report on the standard of facilities and services.

Mental Health Legislative Framework

A number of important pieces of mental health legislation have been reviewed and revised resulting in new or amended Acts, such as the Mental Health Act 2007 and the amended Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act 1990.

Information for stakeholders was developed in 2009 around the changes to the Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act 1990 and the Mental Health Act Guidebook is also being updated to take account of the new provisions for this Act.

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Physical Health Care of Mental Health Consumers Initiative

The Physical Health Care of Mental Health Consumers Initiative saw the development and release of a Policy Directive and Guidelines for mental health service staff to provide clear direction regarding their responsibility to ensure mental health consumers receive both physical as well as mental health care. Resources are also available to promote the intent and principles of the documents.

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Suicide Prevention

MHDAO is looking at ways to support NSW Area Health staff to enhance their capacity to detect, assess and effectively manage people with possible suicidal behaviour and to encourage system performance improvements to promote patient safety and quality of care. This work currently involves the review and revision of the NSW Health Policy Directive, Management of Patients with Possible Suicidal Behaviour. The framework for Suicide Risk Assessment and Management for NSW Health Staff and Guidelines is also being reviewed, which will look at both the roll out of the Guidelines as well as the uptake of the training provided through the electronic training package.

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