The NSW Government has introduced the Mental Health Innovation Fund to improve collaboration among government agencies and non-government organisations (NGOs) in the delivery of person-centred care for people with mental illness, their families and carers in NSW.

Last updated: 10 December 2015

The Innovation Fund provides seed funding for innovative initiatives, particularly at the local level, that focus on support for people with mental illness who require services from multiple NSW Government agencies and NGOs.

The NSW Government has committed $4 million for the Fund. The Fund aims to increase the integration of services, and collaboration between state government agencies and other partners. Funding for reform proposals will be considered on a competitive basis.

Who is eligible to apply?

Innovation Fund applicants are required to demonstrate collaboration with state government agencies including health, education, human services and criminal justice services. Partnerships should also consider the inclusion of other organisations such as NGOs, the Commonwealth Government (including Primary Health Networks), the private sector, aged care providers, local businesses and consumer, carer, family groups and people impacted by mental illness.

The Innovation Fund will support standout projects by collaborating partners, which could also include start-ups, individuals working alongside government agencies and local governments, private health insurers, aged care providers as well as consumer, carer and family groups.

As funding is to be provided through Local Health Districts, proposals must be endorsed by the Chief Executive of a Local Health District, even when a project does not involve NSW Health in the collaboration.

What types of project will be supported?

Types of projects supported by the Fund may include:

  • redesign of services around the needs of individuals who use mental health services, engaging these individuals in their design and delivery
  • strategies to complement clinical care, such as improving wellbeing, physical health and/ or social and economic participation
  • activities to improve the coordination and integration of services
  • co-design of referral and care coordination pathways to provide service users with a joined-up experience.

More information

Applications for the Fund are now open and will close on 5 February 2016, with decisions to be announced in March 2016.

The Innovation Fund will be administered by the NSW Ministry of Health. Further information will be available at the industry briefing. Questions regarding the application process, eligibility and selection criteria should be directed via email to:

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