​Mums and Kids Matter (MaKM) is a state-wide program operated by Wesley Mission which provides mental health and parenting support to women (with young children) with mental health and psychosocial needs. Their services are offered either through the residential care program or through in-home support packages.

In 2020 the Ministry commissioned Nous Group to undertake a rapid outcomes (quantitative) evaluation of Wesley Mission’s Mums and Kids Matter (between July 2016-March 2020) to examine program outcomes and support quality improvement.

This ‘snapshot’ report highlights the evaluation’s key findings related to the program’s reach, client feedback and clinical outcomes. The evaluation also underscored recommendations for how to improve the program, including the need for additional data, revision of program documents and protocols, and re-shaping the team mix and skills.

File Size: 403 kb
Type: Report
Date of Publication: 07 August 2020
ISBN: 978-1-76081-500-4
SHPN: (MH-CYP) 200644