Mums and Kids Matter Evaluation - Final ReportMums and Kids Matter provides community-based specialist short-term non-acute residential mental health and tertiary parenting care; in–home or residential care accommodation support packages; and brokerage to access tertiary level support in specialist facilities. The program delivers essential evidence-informed interventions to treat complex mental health problems in mothers and manage the symptoms that may adversely impact mother-infant and family functioning. It links mothers to a range of community based local supports according to each mother’s particular needs and preferences.

The  Mums and Kids Matter Evaluation: Final Report 2016 ​found that the program fills an important gap in mental health services for mothers and children, delivering family-focused interventions to improve the health and wellbeing of participating mothers through individually tailored care that improves parenting and family functioning and reduces social vulnerabilities.

Mums and Kids Matter commenced in May 2014 under the National Partnership Agreement Supporting Mental Health Reform. Commonwealth funding for the program concluded in June 2016.  NSW funding under the Mental Health Reform over three years, 2016-17 to 2018-19, has allowed the program to be maintained.

Mums and Kids Matter is delivered by Wesley Mission.

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