​Families, communities and workplaces across NSW are impacted by suicides and suicide attempts every year. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures, 880 people ended their lives in NSW in 2017.1 The total number of suicides in NSW is more than double the state’s road toll. The loss of these lives and the ongoing impact must be addressed.

The NSW Government recognises there needs to be a whole of government, whole of community approach to prevent further suicides or suicide attempts, with greater integration and collaboration between all levels of government, community, non-government and private sector organisations to support current and future suicide prevention initiatives.​

Last updated: 18 October 2018

The Strategic Framework for Suicide Prevention in NSW 2018-2023

The framework starts the journey towards zero suicides in NSW. It sets out NSW’s priorities for further coordinating, integrating and investing in suicide prevention activities, while building on what is already in place. The framework supports the implementation of the Fifth National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan.

Extensive community consultation was carried out in developing the framework, including with people with lived experience of a suicide attempt or bereaved by suicide, communities concerned about suicide, clinicians, service providers and experts in suicide prevention.

The framework recognises that there are many existing suicide prevention activities, and encourages greater collaboration between communities, all levels of government, nongovernment and private sector organisations so that fewer people are impacted by suicide in our community. It helps all stakeholders to clearly understand their responsibilities and will guide coordinated action and focused effort to people and communities in distress.

Suicide prevention funding in NSW

Communities across NSW, particularly those at high risk of suicide, will benefit from nearly $90 million over three years, for eight new or expanded initiatives including:

  • $10.2 million Zero Suicides in Care – strengthening practices within the mental health system to eliminate suicide attempts by people in care
  • $9 million Aftercare services – improve follow up care for people after a suicide attempt
  • $25.1 million Alternatives to Emergency Department presentations – deliver new and more immediate support to people with suicidal ideation
  • $1.95 million Improved collection and distribution of suicide data – strengthen quality, linkage and integration of suicide-related data in NSW
  • $8.175 million Resilience building within local communities – engage communities to participate in suicide prevention, with particular focus on Aboriginal communities.
  • $4.56 million New postvention services for people bereaved by suicide • $6.75 million Enhance the Rural Adversity Mental Health Program
  • $21.35 million Assertive community mental health outreach teams – increase the amount of intensive, complex care to people with severe mental illness

Next steps

The NSW Government will work in partnership with other stakeholders including the Commonwealth government, Primary Health Networks, community managed, nongovernment and/or private sector organisations to deliver on the framework’s priorities.

The eight initiatives will begin to be rolled out in the 2019-20 financial year with full implementation by 2020-21.

Further information

More information about the framework can be found on:

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