​Transcript of I chose regional.

Megan, nurse - I chose opportunity.

Abby, nurse - I chose community.

Paige, nurse and midwife - Lifestyle.

Amelia, midwife - I chose regional.

Stacey, nurse - I chose regional because I wanted the whole package. I wanted to be able to be the best in my clinical field, I wanted to be able to provide the best care for the patients in our area that deserve it, and I wanted my family to grow up in a community that they were going to be well loved in.

Grace, nurse - I chose career development.

Emily, nurse - I chose to accelerate my skills.

Christine Stephens, Director Nursing and Midwifery Murrumbidgee - So I chose lifestyle, I chose community, and I chose to make a difference.

I chose regional.

Amanda, nurse - I chose to broaden my skills.

April, nurse and midwife - I chose family.

Marshal, nurse - I chose wide open spaces.

April - I chose regional.

Phibian, nurse and midwife - Regional.

April - Regional.

Grace, nurse - I chose no traffic jams.

Christine Stephens - Choose regional.

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