"Take the Lead 2" (ttl2) is a customised program designed specifically for nursing and midwifery unit managers and nursing and midwifery managers who manage clinical unit/s or ward/s. This program will run over 2 years with a total of 5 face to face days (Sydney based) and monthly collaborative coaching, information and teaching webinars (online interactive sessions). The webinars will be an opportunity for networking and will also serve to build communities of practice and action learning sets.

The program aims to increase the manager’s knowledge of managing for performance and will assist in transforming themselves and their units into high performing teams.

The program is designed so that participants can practice the skills they have learned when they return to their ward/unit.

The format of the 2 year program is depicted below:

Take the Lead 2 year  program format, a link to Text alternative follows image
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Selection criteria:

  • You will be in a N/MUM orN/MM role or equivalent, managing staff, and have at least 12 months experience in the role
  • You will have support from your Director of Nursing & Midwifery (DoN&M) to participate in ttl2 including agreement from your DoN&M to release you for 5 days of workshops and 21 webinars over 2 years
  • You must have clear personal learning objectives that will be met by participating in this course
  • You must have completed a financial management program
  • You must have an identified mentor
  • You must be willing to enter into a learning contract and  bring back and share your learning and experience within your LHD.

If you have further questions please contact Michael Peregrina, Nursing and Midwifery Office on phone (02) 9424 5783 or email mpere@doh.health.nsw.gov.au .

Take the Lead 2 - Strengthening the Nursing Midwifery Unit Role across NSWQualitas Consortium - Quality, Safety, Productivity 


Take the lead​: The Nursing/Midwifery Unit Manager Project.​​​​​​​​​

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