​The Centre for Oral Health Strategy developed the Early Childhood Oral Health (ECOH) Program in 2007 to promote and improve the oral health and well being of infants and children. This evaluation completed in 2010 reviews the ECOH Program, focussing on process, partnerships, impact and equity.

The evaluation highlighted major statewide achievements of the program including the:

  • development of Early Childhood Oral Health Guidelines, training resources, and information materials for child health professionals and parents
    identification of ECOH program co-ordinators
  • implementation of NSW Health Department Policy Directive for the program
  • development of structures and systems which support program development,
    partnership development, training delivery, referrals, and monitoring and
    evaluation processes
  • roll-out of the program to child and family health nurses. This has been greatly facilitated by the re-inclusion of oral health into
    the Blue Book.
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Type: Evaluation, Report
Date of Publication: 11 August 2010
ISBN: 9781741874679
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