Public Dental Services Brochure

The Public Dental Services Brochure outlines the basic eligibility criteria to access public dental services. For more detailed information see Eligibility for Public Oral Health Services.

Oral health promotion resources

Most oral health problems are preventable through the right diet, good oral hygiene practices, and regular dental visits. A number of resources have been developed to support the provision of these messages to the NSW population, especially to groups that are at increased risk of poor oral health.

The resources have been grouped by broad target groups including:

They can be used by health professionals, students, families, care givers, as well as the general public.

Order resources

These resources can be ordered through the Better Health Centre.

Resources have also been developed around a specific issues that impact on the oral health of the general community.

These issues include:

Other resources

Additional resources have also been developed:


Policy directives, guidelines and information bulletins

All policy documents applicable to the NSW Health system are issued by the Ministry of Health through the Policy Distribution System. NSW Health organisations must have systems in place to distribute policy documents to staff and organisations under their control and to monitor compliance.

Information Bulletins are used to provide information to the NSW public sector health system. Information Bulletins do not contain policy as set by the NSW Ministry of Health.

To view all active policy directives, guidelines and information bulletins issued by the Centre for Oral Health Strategy, visit the Centre's policy documents page.

Page Updated: Tuesday 23 May 2017