Since 2003, NSW Health in conjunction with Local Health Districts and Local Government Councils, has been proactive in extending water fluoridation to rural communities, in an attempt to reduce oral health inequalities.

This has resulted in 18 councils and water authorities implementing water fluoridation, increasing population coverage of water fluoridation from approximately 90% in 2003 to 95% currently.

Water fluoridation is the main focus for NSW Oral Health Capital Strategy funding of $17.7 Million between 2007 and 2015. Councils considering introducing fluoridation to public drinking water should refer to the Fluoridation Project Business Case (Dec 2006) prepared by APP Corporation and the Ministry of Health's Fluoride Capital Works Subsidy Guidelines. NSW Health’s policy on water fluoridation relies on the best scientific evidence from national and international reputable scientific bodies. This includes the National Health and Medical Research Council in Australia and the Australian Academy of Science. The overwhelming weight of the scientific evidence currently does not link water fluoridation at optimal levels (one part per million) to any health related problems.

Fluoridation is endorsed and supported by the World Health Organization and has the support of the leading medical authorities in Australia including the Australian Medical Association, the Australian Dental Association, and the Australian College of General Practitioners.

In NSW there is now contemporary evidence on strong community support for water fluoridation collected through NSW Health and independent organisations including the Western Research Institute and the University of Sydney. Overall support for water fluoridation among NSW residents is high, exceeding 80% of the surveyed residents

For more information, see Fluoridation of Drinking Water.​​​​

Page Updated: Tuesday 28 January 2014