The NSW Health Strategy for Preventing and Responding to Domestic and Family Violence 2021-2026 (the Strategy) provides strategic direction and guides practical action for NSW Health over the next five years to strengthen the public health system’s role in preventing and responding to domestic and family violence.

The Strategy recognises that all staff in the health system are likely to encounter people experiencing domestic and family violence in the course of their work and supports them to respond in ways that contributes to safety and recovery of adults, children and young people who have been harmed by domestic and family violence.

The Strategy reflects a range of work already underway across the system and new actions to address domestic and family violence. It includes six Strategic Directions:

  1.  Prevent domestic and family violence by challenging gender inequality and promoting healthy, safe relationships
  2. Increase identification and improve early intervention, with a focus on priority populations
  3. Provide trauma-informed, culturally safe, and integrated responses to victims of domestic and family violence
  4. Increase visibility and accountability of perpetrators while keeping victims safe
  5. Harness evidence and promote quality and safety in responding to domestic and family violence
  6. Enhance the public health system’s response to domestic and family violence.

The NSW Health Strategy for Preventing and Responding to Domestic and Family Violence 2021-2026 Summary provides an overview of the Strategy, key statistics, the Vision, Strategic Directions, Priorities and Actions, for quick reference.

The Strategy aligns with NSW Health’s Integrated Prevention and Response to Violence, Abuse and Neglect Framework and has been developed in consultation with local health districts, specialty health networks, NSW Health Pillars, and partner agencies.

It also supports NSW Health’s contribution to the whole of government domestic and family violence reforms including:

  • the NSW Government’s Domestic and Family Violence Blueprint for Reform
  • two Premiers priorities including, Reducing domestic violence reoffending and Protecting our most vulnerable children and Domestic Violence Death Review Team Recommendations.
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Date of Publication: 01 September 2021
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