This report presents the findings of the NSW Domestic Violence Screening and Response Feasibility Study conducted in 2017. The NSW Ministry of Health funded this study, which utilised a cross-sectional methodology to evaluate the feasibility of Domestic Violence screening and response within Emergency Departments. Two rural and one metropolitan Emergency Departments participated in the six month study period, which found screening in Emergency Departments to be both feasible and acceptable. However, the study concluded that further testing and modifications are required to promote increased screening rates and streamlined responses. This includes further integration of the screening tool into clinical processes.

The report presents findings from the feasibility study on Domestic Violence screening in Emergency Departments but does not include data on Domestic Violence screening conducted in other NSW Health services. For more information on the NSW Health Domestic Violence Routine Screening Program undertaken by NSW Health’s Maternity; Child and Family Health; Mental Health and Alcohol and other Drug Services, please visit Domestic Violence Routine Screening Program.

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Date of Publication: 26 August 2019
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