What is Demand and Capacity Planning?

Organise your service to build capacity

  • Demand and capacity planning is understanding your services core business
  • Predictive tools are vital to better help you understand your demand & capacity, then plan for it

What can you do now?

  • Identify predictive markers process measures, calculate tipping points and use predictive tools to monitor and assist in making decisions earlier
  • Use predictive tools to look at demand a week in advance
  • Manage workload / activity across the week rather than a day at a time
  • Demand analysis at area, network, hospital and department /speciality level
  • Have an Executive team ready to make decisions on preserving capacity and acting early
  • Look at options to utilise capacity when there is an unscheduled drop in demand (e.g. pooled short notice patient lists)

Desired future state is …

Reduce the Chaos

  • Use the Outlier trends to model what speciality bed configuration is required after comprehensive demand and capacity management has taken place
  • Build capacity and increase service capacity for booked and urgent activity
  • Vary unit capacity to accommodate seasonal demands
  • Managing predicted events (e.g. medical team change over, public holidays etc.)


Current as at: Wednesday 21 January 2015
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