What is Demand Escalation?

  • The review of 'Patient Flow Systems' has recognised that facilities require escalation plans that function on two levels
  • Capacity Control Action Plan. (CCAP) This is a strategic plan aimed at controlling planned booked work and estimated urgent work to match predicted available beds and also manoeuvre discharge and CAPAC flows
  • Standardised Short Term Escalation Plan. (STEP) which is a reaction to insufficient beds on a facility level

  Redesigning Demand Escalation Plans (167 KB)

Getting Started

What do I need to start?

  • Predictive tool
  • Create an executive action group

How do I start?

  1. Using a predictive tool to analyse the admissions and discharges
  2. Create an executive group responsible for action
  3. Identify days that the activity exceeds the capacity
  4. Identify trigger points ( where normal function cannot continue without intervention)
  5. Reorganise elective workload to shift demand away from the high demand days and reallocate to the days where capacity is available

Please Note: changing the mix of the workload to more overnight or same day cases can eliminate problems

How does it work?

A planned approach is needed, predictive tools are used to monitor activity, trigger point for actions when insufficient beds are predicted. Significant opportunities exists to limit the impact of insufficient beds days ahead. Utilising the CCAP to manage demand up to 10 days prior, the STEP reactionary plan will not be required as often

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